going on my hols

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going on my hols

Post by neil on Wed Sep 03, 2008 12:17 pm

Hello all just a little note before i go on holiday Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Glad you all liked my boat and tank that i brought in to show you i took some pictures but they were not very good so no point in putting them on the forum Sad(. Frank 's steam loco is coming on well and we have started to do some painting on it i think the end result is going to look pretty good. The numbers have been down as of late but i'm sure things will pick up soon on the positive side of things frank is going to try and bring in a small compressor so we can set ourselves up to do some air brushing on the models. This will be a great tool for us as the finish you can get from air brush is first class i can bring some paints in to get us started, i think i have all the paints needed for alan's tank and lok forward to doing that with him should be fun lol.
Ok guys i will see you all when i get back from my holiday take care all


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