Busy days ahead

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Busy days ahead

Post by Admin on Sat Jul 19, 2008 3:10 pm

Monday will see frank joining us in the model club, frank has bought himself two nice models of steam trains and we should get him under way i have never built a train before but i'm sure if we all chip in we will get some cracking results.

Andy should be starting his porche on moday and i think that will be a fun build.

Alan is just finishing a small plane and with a bit of luck he will bring his challenger tank in for us to have a look at, alan and i have talked about doing some airbrushing on the tank so it will be good to have a look at it.

Last but not least bob has brought one of his boats in and i got to tell you it's a beauty bob has built this from scratch and we going to get it ready to put it on the water in about two weeks time.


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